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July 14--Special Board Meeting
July 15--Board Meeting
August 19--Annual Owners' Meeting

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July 15-- Board Meeting (draft)
July 14--Special Board Meeting (draft)
June 17--Board Meeting
June 16--Special Board Meeting
May 20--Board Meeting
May 19--Special Board Meeting

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Arrowhead Improvements Association
Board of Directors
2017 Schedule of Meetings

  Please note: In response to the requests from owners to reduce the redundancy and length of our Friday & Saturday BOD meetings, the BOD is going to modify the meeting schedule on a TEST basis during the months of June & July. The following meeting schedule reads as follows:  
  JUNE: Friday, 16th @ 9:00am, Executive Session only, at Firehouse.  
  Saturday, 17th @ 1:00pm, Regular Board Meeting  
  JULY: Friday, 14th @ 9:00am, Executive Session only, at Firehouse.  
  Saturday, 15th @ 1:00pm, Regular Board Meeting  
  This means that there is NO Friday afternoon Work Session for June and July.
All owners are encouraged to attend the Regular Board meetings on Saturday at the Firehouse, which starts an hour earlier than usual.
  -AUG: *Friday, 18th & **Saturday, 19th @ AH Firehouse  
  -SEPT: *Friday, 15th & **Saturday, 16th @ AH Firehouse  
  -OCT: *Friday, 20th & **Saturday, 21st @ AH Firehouse  
  *Friday, Special Board Meetings typically include an Executive Sessions beginning at 9:00 AM; followed by a board work session, open to all owners, beginning at 1:00 PM.  
  **Saturday, Regular Board Meetings, open to all owners, begins at 2:00 PM  
  -Annual Owners Meeting follows the Saturday, August 19th Board Meeting.  
  -Winter Owners Meeting follows October 21st Board Meeting.  

Meetings are usually held at the Arrowhead Firehouse. Please watch the posted agendas to confirm dates, times and locations.


All meeting dates, times and locations may be subject to change.