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Potentially Damaging & Dangerous Trees

Dear Owners,

The question recently came to the board regarding responsibility for common ground (association) trees that could do damage to owner property improvements. After extensive information gathering from our insurance company, underwriter, claims adjuster and our legal advisors, we have come to the following determination.

The association may be responsible for trees on common ground that fall if the association is found to be negligent.

If you are concerned that a tree on common ground could potentially cause damage to your property improvements, we ask that you notify the board of directors in writing immediately. The association will then respond in reasonable time to your concern.

If we are not aware of your concern, we cannot act to have our forest liaison review the situation for possible remediation. If the association is not aware of a tree concern, the association is not responsible for any damage a common ground tree may cause.

Thank you,

Mike Wigent, AIA Board President
(970) 901-4867