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Governance Review Meetings Cancelled

A comprehensive review of the governing documents has been not only a very detailed undertaking but a learning experience for both of us. Five meeting reviews have been held and during the process we have finally nailed down a 'best methods' approach. After discussing many reiterations and ideas, we've found, to increase our productivity and output, we need to spend some quiet and dedicated time to individually analyze the electronic documents. This process involves a comprehensive review and alignment of all of the governing documents: the Covenants, By-Laws, Regulations and Board Handbook.

Therefore, we are cancelling our 'open meetings', since much of the work required is now independent analysis and compilation of the topics, plus we need the 4 hours weekly to accomplish this task. We think this new approach will allow us to complete our review no later than the end of August.

Thank you – Becky Stilley and Patty Greeves