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The Announcement of the John Krall Award

The AIA would like to thank those residents who questioned no award
being made this year and the John Krall Award Committee for making the
decision to continue. The committee is made up of Gerry Wigent,
Carolyn Isbell, Billie Ellis, Linda Dysart, Joanie Aufderhiede and
Bob Hernandez.
After reopening the nominations we had 30 nominations for 8 different
community members. We'd like to also thank those who took the time to
nominate one of these eight people. The awardees will have their name
added to the John Krall Award Plaque and will receive a gift
certificate to dinner at the Inn.
The following award citation was mostly taken from the nominations we
This year the John Krall award is being given to a couple.
He immediately became involved in the Arrowhead Volunteer Fire
Department, working on mitigation and evacuation procedures, serving 2
years as Assistant Fire Chief, and then 3 years as Fire Chief. He
spent nearly every day at the firehouse for at least 6 months during
the renovation. He was part of the committee to investigate and then
achieved in getting the Fire Protection District. He later completed
the legal process to convert the AVFD to a non-profit status. He has
continued to be an active volunteer in the fire department and does a
large part of the maintenance on the firehouse vehicles. He recently
volunteered his services to the AIA for small maintenance projects
around the community. He always helps out on volunteer projects such
as the snowmobile trail, Hazel Lake and roadside clean up projects.
Over the years he has helped Security break trail after heavy
snowstorms and has run heavy equipment clearing the parking lot and
grooming filing roads. He also helped keep the cross-country ski
track groomed.
She has been involved in the Arrowhead Volunteer Fire Department,
selecting materials and decorating the newly renovated firehouse. She
organized the flea market booth at the 4th of July picnic for several
years. She worked with him to complete the legal process to convert
our Fire Protection District to a non-profit status. She has been
instrumental in collecting and delivering our donations to the
Gunnison Food Bank. She has devoted many hours to design review and
is currently the coordinator for the Arrowhead Book Club. To quote
one of her nominators, “she adds an element of class and charm to our
They have both contributed many hours over the past 16 Saturdays to
help clear the new snowmobile trail. They are always available to
help someone in trouble such as taking food to someone who is sick,
helping fix a stove, helping put up firewood, or repairing a
snowmobile. They always have a warm and caring attitude towards
people. These two friends have huge hearts!
They exhibit a strong sense of direction as they apply creative ideas
to our ever-changing community. They are open-minded and utilize
diplomacy as they move forward.
They are a valuable team that adds to our community. They are the
type of people we are all proud to call our friends and neighbors.
They both are very deserving of the John Krall Award. They have been
active in Arrowhead since they arrived in 2001.
It is our great pleasure to award the John Krall Award for 2009 to
Ron & Diane Benson.