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AIA Design Review

Purpose: Maintain the harmonious design of the community, protect and promote the value of properties in keeping with the Covenants and Design Regulations.

Board Liaison:
Becky Stilley

Design Review Manager:
Earl Fay

For information, communications and/or to submit plans, please contact Earl Fay by email at
EarlFay.DRC@gmail.com or call (970) 708-8034. Earl's preferred method of contact is by email and please
insert "Design Review" in the subject line when emailing him.

Design Review Meeting Dates for 2017:
*March: 13th at 10:00am
*April: 10th at 10:00am
*May: 15th at 9:00am
June: 12th at 9:00am
July: 10th at 9:00am
Aug: 14th at 9:00am
Sept: 11th at 9:00am
Oct: 16th at 9:00am
*meetings will be at the Lodge if the roads are still closed. Once roads are open, then we will meet at the Firehouse.

Design Review Documents