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The information posted on this website is intended to provide general knowledge that may be of interest to Arrowhead Homeowners and its members to the community. The Arrowhead Improvements Association, Inc. (the AIA HOA), does not warrant the accuracy to this particular webpage that is provided by the Arrowhead Fire Protection District (the AFPD); and the AIA is not responsible for the reliability, correctness or any other aspect of the content provided. The AIA HOA disclaims any liability whatsoever in connection with the information that appears on this webpage and is not its author.

All medical emergencies, reports of fire or a Search & Rescue situation must go through 911
and they will contact the AVFD for appropriate action.

The AFPD & AVFD are happy to be back online! After being offline for over a year, please be patient as we are working to update much of the information on this page.
AVFD 1st Responder Vehicle

Thanks to the efforts of the AVFD Auxiliary and the generous donations from the community, the Arrowhead Fire Department's wish has come true with a 1st Responder Vehicle!! We'd like to thank everyone responsible for making this happen!!

Thanks again,
Jim Gelsomini, Fire Chief


Being Prepared with Continual Training

In case of a disaster of any magnitude we can be prepared with proper training!

Training for all volunteer Firefighters is on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10:00AM.

The First Responders Emergency Response Team trains the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 10:00AM. Medical emergency response training includes everything from CPR, how to respond to an injury, what to do if helicopter transport is needed, how to handle bee stings and how to use Automatic Electronic Defibrillation (AED) devices.

An “all-department” training scenario is generally scheduled for the 4th Tuesday of each month. This exercise includes Firefighters, First Responders as well as the volunteers for Logistics and Base operations.

Please feel free to attend any, or all, of these training opportunities. Increased community awareness of fire department operations is always welcome. Encourage your friends and neighbors to attend too!

District & Dept. Pages

--Arrowhead Fire Protection District Pages

--AVFD Information & Overview

--AVFD & Auxiliary Minutes & Financials

--Emergency Evacuation Procedures

--Arrowhead Awareness Booklet

--Community Wildfire Protection Plan

--2013 Wildland Fire Mitigation Brochure

--Volunteer Opportunities

--Fire House Protocol Use & Form Request


Who to Contact
Fire Chief – Jim Gelsomini
  Home: 862-8456
  Cell: (303) 881-7480
  email: avfdchief2014@gmail.com
Firehouse* 862-8330
  Non-Emergency: Cell: (970) 209-6335
Forest Manager – Bill Conway
  Cell: (541) 729-6259
*Note: The firehouse is only staffed during an incident or emergency. For fire or medical emergencies your FIRST call is ALWAYS 911.

Fire Chief: Jim Gelsomini