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Maintenance & Improvements

Purpose: Oversee and plan for maintenance and improvements to interior roads, parking lot, equipment building, signs and other common equipment and facilities.

Board Liaison:
Primary--Jim Matteson (jem577905@gmail.com)
Assistant--Dick Bloss (dbloss.aia@gmail.com)

Team Members:
Will Hobson – Heavy Equipment Operator
Curt Strange- Groomer Operator & Automotive/Equipment Mechanic
Ron Corder


The use of the trash compactor is for those who have paid the nominal monthly fee of $10.00 per month. This allows users to dispose of normal household trash and rubbish.
Here is a list of some of the things NOT ALLOWED to be disposed of in the Trash Compactor:

NO Construction Debris!
NO Building Materials!
NO Cardboard!
NO Scrap Metal (except food and drink containers)!
NO Auto Parts!
NO Petroleum Waste (gasoline, diesel, oil, hydraulic oil)!
NO Oil Filters!
NO Propane Bottles!
NO Paint!
NO Hazardous Waste Materials!

This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list, so please use some good ‘olé common sense!!

When you use the compactor, please ensure all latches on the compactor door are properly engaged to keep our furry four legged marauders from getting into the compactor.

Required Speed Limit on our Filing Roads!!

During the late Spring & Summer months comes the dreaded dust on our filing roads! Remember, the faster you drive on dirt roads the more dust you generate. When dust is generated, it's also a sign that the material that makes up our roads is eroding away. The bottom line is; higher speeds are the enemy of dirt roads. Just a reminder; the posted speed on the Alpine Plateau Rd is 25 mph and the maximum speed limit on the filing roads is 20 mph. Please be neighborly and slow down when you pass people walking or on ATV's, UTV's or bicycles. Nobody likes to be dusted so be courteous to your fellow community members. Also, be sure to inform your visitors of the speed limits. Remember, as an Arrowhead community member you can be held responsible when your guests violate our rules, regulations and covenants.