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photo: Cheri Ratliff

Mountain Living -- May 25th

  • The deer are here and the elk are in Cox Park.
  • Our land use agreement with Gunnison County requires that all snowmobiles, trailers and other vehicles be removed from the parking lot by May 31.
  • Jim Squirrell named our area Arrowhead because all the arrowheads he found as a boy.
  • The grading of the filing roads has been completed. Ongoing road maintenance will continue throughout the summer.
  • Hey ladies, when cleaning up sticks and debris from the winter, try using the light weight, plastic snow shovels for scooping; they work great.
  • Mountain grass seed in the bulk (for replanting around cabins) is available at the 2 hardware stores in Gunnison.
  • The Inn re-opens Memorial Day weekend.
  • Welcome back to the mountain all of the “Happy Campers”!
  • Have some fun on this website: Petcentric.com, they feature free doggie email J
  • Whoops!! Tuesday May 22nd is a SNOW day.
  • Paul McDermott is setting up a chainsaw safety class in June, check back here for that date.

Please contact Cheri Ratliff if you have current information, that would be of interest to Arrowhead property owners. Sample: 1st bear sighting, road conditions, community happenings, Happy Birthday, etc.