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Mountain Living June 9th -June 13th

  • BEAR--JR Ellis and Glen and Carolyn Isabell and have recently seen bears, also Ron Benson seen one over on Rim road.
  • There will be a chain saw safety course at the firehouse June 23rd beginning at 9 AM. Bring your chainsaw and safety gear. The course will be taught by Montrose Interagency Fire Management. Other safety courses will be held this summer also.
  • Thursday night home owner’s dinner was sold out!
  • Linda Bumgarner is revising the phone list and will have it available at the AIA Meeting on the June 16th.
  • Road Construction. Will says: “Lower Spruce road is always very soft in the spring due to the runoff in the area. Shortly after I grated the roads a cement truck drove on lower Spruce and sunk about 3 feet. I’ve been working on repairing the damage, but until it is drier it cannot be completed. Therefore, I’m trying to reduce the amount of heavy construction traffic until it dries out a bit more and I can completely repair lower Spruce.”

Please contact Cheri Ratliff if you have current information, that would be of interest to Arrowhead property owners. Sample: 1st bear sighting, road conditions, community happenings, Happy Birthday, etc.