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This Week's Mountain Living
October 22nd - October 26th

Photo by Lindy Linder

  • Arrowhead got a taste of winter early this year. The snow piled up during 2 storms in October. Also, the truck mounted gravel spreader was put to work early this year and gravel was spread on the “Beaver Slide” 3 times so far. However, this week is warmer and the snow is melting.
  • Happy Birthday goes out to Ralph Ambruster this month!
  • Bear trouble continues with at least 8 cabins broke into or disturbed by bears. There seems to be 3 bears pestering Arrowhead.
    The Dept. of Wildlife has set up a cage/trap near Balsam Road but has not caught one yet.
  • Residents and hunters are reminded to be careful with food items as the bears are hungry and storing up for winter hibernation.
  • Security would like to remind people to be cautious.
  • Channel 9 News and their website recently reported the following story about a bear attack:

Black bear claws woman in her home

ASPEN – The Colorado Division of Wildlife is trying to capture a black bear that attacked a woman in her home early Wednesday morning.

Aspen Police say the woman woke up at about 1:30 a.m. to a noise in the kitchen of her condominium, located on Doolittle Drive near Aspen Valley Hospital.

Police say when the woman entered the kitchen, she was struck in the face by a black bear. The bear then fled the home and was not seen by responding officers.

The bear's claws injured the woman and she was transported to Aspen Valley Hospital in an ambulance, according to police.
Authorities say the woman's injuries are not considered to be life threatening and the woman's name and address were not immediately released.

According to the Aspen Police, the bear entered the condo through a sliding glass door that was left unlocked.
Police say they have placed traps in the area in an attempt to capture the bear if it returns. Wet weather condition in the area made the use of tracking dogs impossible, according to authorities.
If the bear is captured, authorities say it will be euthanized for its aggressive behavior.

The DOW says black bear attacks are uncommon, however, they are considered powerful predators that can become dangerous when lured to developed areas by human food sources. Residents are urged to close and lock doors and eliminate any food source that could attract bears, such as trash, birdfeeders, pet food, barbeque grills and fruit trees.

So far this year, the DOW has relocated 24 nuisance bears and euthanized 12 bears from Pitkin County.

On Friday, a homeowner in Snowmass was clawed by a 350-pound black bear in his garage. The homeowner was OK and the bear was euthanized. (Copyright Associated Press, All Rights Reserved)

These bear photos were taken by Vida Turek on Rim road this summer.

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