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October 27nd - October 31st

  • The Snowmobile Club is looking for new members - all those signed up in November will add to the grant count and the club will receive matching funds for grooming costs etc. Members receive a newsletter and updates on club activities, trips etc. Contact Mary Cockes for more info.
  • There will be a winter residents meeting at the Inn on Saturday, Nov 3 at 2 pm

Special Notice: Regarding log hauling this winter

A letter from James Dawson, District Ranger

Fred R Field Western Heritage Center (Multi Purpose building), 275 S. Spruce Street.

For your review, I have enclosed a brief synopsis describing the issues as we understand them at this The Gunnison National Forest will host a meeting to discuss issues regarding log hauling during winter months from the Alpine Plateau, through the Arrowhead development to State Highway 50 along NFSR 867. All interested parties from the Arrowhead community, Lake City, snowmobilers, members of the Lake City snowmobile club and the timber industry are invited and encouraged to attend.

The objective of the meeting is to discuss the public safety, recreational, social and economic impacts of potential log hauling during winter months from the upcoming Long Draw timber sale. From this discussion we hope to gain a better understanding of the issues and concerns so that we can incorporate appropriate stipulations into the Long Draw timber sale contract.

If time permits, we may also discuss potential winter hauling procedures that could be implemented for the ongoing Ridgestock timber sale if the purchaser decides to haul in the winter. This item will be scheduled for the end of the meeting so that non-interested parties may leave, and because many of the same items discussed for the Long Draw timber sale may also apply to the Ridgestock sale.

The meeting will be held on November 13th from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon in Gunnison at the point and a summary of comments we have received to date.

Ghouls, Witches, Goblins, celebrate Halloween at Arrowhead!

Photos by Shirley Ambruster and Rich Ostrom

Ralph and Shirley Ambruster

Joanie Aufderheide
Heath Houseman


Don Koeltzow
Star Misner


Inn Guest ???


Arrowhead Inn guest
Ralph Ambruster and Halloween statue

Halloween statue
Julie Nauyokas

Bill and Joanna Misare and friends


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