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This Week's Mountain Living
November 10th-16th

November 14th’s Book Club luncheon. The ladies discussed the book “One Thousand White
Women”, the Journals of May Dodd by Jim Fergus

Alpine Road Logging
The Logging Meeting with the Forrest Service November 13th proved to be a unified showing of Arrowhead residents. Over 50 people traveled to Gunnison to discuss the safety on the Alpine road when logging trucks are present. Also discussed, was the loss of business for Lake City, the snowmobile club and The Inn. Although, the Forrest Service and Intermountain Logging could not give a commitment about logging this year, they are not planning on it. They also said they have “heard us “and will take into consideration our opinions, complaints, and ideas for solutions preparing for the next logging contract.

The Arrowhead Volunteer Fire Department participates in a City Market community support program. Your City Market card is linked to Arrowhead such that we receive a percentage of your purchase amounts (excluding gasoline, alcohol, and tobacco products) on a quarterly basis. The only thing you have to do is register your name, address, and City Market card number and the rest is done by City Market. Since City Market is part of Krogers Inc, that means all Kroger's store such as King Supers, Freys, and Hilander participate in this program nationwide. Even if you are leaving Arrowhead for the winter, your hometown purchases still count for Arrowhead. So sign up now because this is FREE money for our fire department and cost you nothing. You can sign up on the sheet at the firehouse or send an email to Fire Chief Kevin Stilley thestilleys@msn.com with your name, address, and City Market card number (located on the back of the card.) The money we receive goes directly towards the purchase of emergency training and equipment for Arrowhead.

Thinking Ahead to Next Summer's Bears
Bears continue to be on the minds of Arrowhead residents because they've been taught that there's food here at Arrowhead, they will continue to forage and break into homes/cabins/trailers. We will most likely see them again in the spring.

Some facts on a bear’s sense:
1. A bear can smell a rotting carcass from 20 miles
2. A bear can detect a human scent on a trail up to 12 hours after the person has passed by.
3. A bear's sense of smell is 7 times (7 TIMES!!) better than a bloodhound.
4. All food has an odor and a bear will detect it and stay in that area until he decides the food is no longer around. This means feeding birds, deer, elk, or whatever animal you choose will definitely draw bears.
5 A bear sees in color, not black and white and hears better than a human.

These facts come from the American Bear Association at website www.Americanbear.org

According to DOW, it's against the law to feed wild animals, as detailed in Article XI - Special Restrictions.

Shutterbugs met November 9th for brunch and discussed photo cards and Rich gave a class on how to cut matting for your photos.

First Responders Pot Lucks
Pot Lucks will not be held again until the First Responders course is completed at the Fire House.

What to do with a Kitchen Grease Fire
submitted by Don Koeltzow
When I was stationed in Charleston Navy base at the Fire Fighting Training school we would demonstrate a deep fat fryer set on fire in the field. An instructor would don a fire suit and using an 8 oz. cup at the end of a10 foot pole toss water onto the grease fire.

The results got the attention of the students. The water, being heavier than the oil, sinks to the bottom where it instantly becomes superheated. The EXPLOSIVE force of the steam blows the burning oil up and out. On the open field, it became a thirty foot high fireball that resembled a Nuclear Blast. Inside the confines of a kitchen, the fire ball hits the ceiling and fills the entire room.

Do not throw sugar or flour on a grease fire. One cup creates the explosive force of two sticks of dynamite.

The correct thing to do is First: turn off heat to burner. Second: Wet and wring out a towel and cover pan. Wait till fire is out and pan cool then remove.

Mountain Living & Photo Update Archive

Please contact Cheri Ratliff if you have current information or photos that would look good on the web site!. Sample: bear sightings, road conditions, community happenings, Happy Birthdays, Arrowhead owners having fun, etc.