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December 1st-9th

Winter Storm Hits Arrowhead

Oscar going out for a ride photo by Cheri Ratliff

The storm hit Thursday December 6th and snow fell steadily through Saturday. On Friday, people experienced power outages and in some places were without water. The Gunnison County Electric said that as the heavy snow falls off the power lines (in areas near here) it causes arcing and the power goes out then comes back on. Late Friday afternoon the power was out for several hours on into the evening, and residents had to break out the candles to light their homes. Arrowhead received approx.20 to 24 inches of new snow in various areas.

Snow piling up on Friday

Fleeting blue skies between the branches photo by Cheri Ratliff

Before the Storm/Beautiful Sunset photo by Eric Johnson

Drama in the sky at Arrowhead on Ridge Road photo by Eric Johnson


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