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This Week's Mountain Living
January 1st - 8th

We wish you a Happy New Year
Arrowhead 2008

The beautiful view from Ambruster’s deck taken by Shirley Ambruster

The Alpine Road

The Sandman, aka Oscar, has experienced some problems on the Beaver slide (a short very steep grade on the Alpine) that he gravels with a spreader machine mounted in his red, 4 door, Ford truck. If you see the truck on the Beaver slide driving on the wrong side of the road with emergency flashers going and gravel flying from the rear of the truck, please be patient either waiting at the top or the bottom of the hill. The delay will not be more than 5 minutes. The newly spread gravel helps prevent vehicles from sliding on the steep grade. I have had people try to pass me while I am trying to do this very short but important job. The result is vehicles being struck by three quarter inch gravel.

Thanks, The Sandman

This is a picture of the AIA's Snow-cat.

This is a picture of the Snow-cat with the groomer attached, the groomer is used to groom the roads that are used for snowmobiles or track mounted ATV’s during the winter, when roads are closed to vehicles. The groomer is not used for driveways.

The next water color class is set for Jan. 7, 10:00 am at Pat Ostrom’s house. 862-8438

The next book club luncheon and discussion at the Inn is set for Jan. 9, 11:30 am

The 1st photo group brunch is Jan. 11, 10:00 am at he Inn 862-8206

The Association meeting will be held Saturday, Jan. 19th , 2:00 at the Firehouse (this is a location change from the Inn).

Pink skies over the West Elks. Photo taken by Shirley Ambruster

Mountain Living & Photo Update Archive

Please contact Cheri Ratliff if you have current information or photos that would look good on the web site!. Sample: bear sightings, road conditions, community happenings, Happy Birthdays, Arrowhead owners having fun, etc.