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January 9th - 20th

Snow, Snow, and more Snow

The parking lot conditions have been “challenging” to say the least for Arrowhead property owners. In spite of all the good efforts of Will and his volunteers it has been hard keeping up with the storms. People have had to allow extra time to dig their vehicles out before they can leave the parking lot. Stories of “getting stuck” have become the norm in the last few weeks, for even the best snowmobliers! The temperatures have been dropping here also. January 17, 2008 was -6 at Arrowhead, -35 in Gunnison but it was interesting to see that same morning, -12 in Grand Junction!

This photo was taken by Kevin Stilley early Monday morning on January 12th before the parking lot was cleaned on January 16th. It took 6 people, 8 hours that day to move all the snow and get things back in order. We all appreciate your good work! Thank you.

Pictured above are Pat Ostrom, Lindy Lindner, Shirley Ambruster, and Kathy Leary. Photo taken by Cheri Ratliff.

January’s Book Club discussed the book “The Memory Keepers Daughter” by Kim Edwards. Shirley led the discussion and everyone said they enjoyed the book. The Inn provided a luncheon of leek and potato soup, chicken salad on a croissant roll, and “to die for” cheese cake

Snow Golf will be held on February 5th 1:00. This activity benefits the Fire Department. People play golf in the snow with waffle balls, while wearing snowshoes.

The Darnell’s and volunteers have got the course stamped out but it still needs people with snowshoes only to pack the course down more between now and February 4th. The event also has chili pot luck afterwards; contact Joanie on what food to bring.

Meet Betty Chrisman’s new Scotty puppy “Mudlam.”

Photos by Shirley Ambruster

Announcement: Do you have a favorite Arrowhead pet picture that you would like to share with other people at this site? Send me your photos and we will post them and then you may vote for the Arrowhead Cutest Pet Photo and the Arrowhead Humorous Pet Photo.

Please email your pet photo to Cheri Ratliff cheriratliff@fone.net

You may enter in each category. Include your name and your pet’s name. This contest will run until March 28, 2008. You may enter up until March 24, 2008.

Announcement: Email me your baby photos so people on this site can guess who the baby is. We will post the pictures and you can email me your votes. Email pictures to Cheri Ratliff cheriratliff@fone.net. Please enter only 1 picture per person. Pictures may be from infant to 5 years of age. Include the baby’s name in your email. (I won’t tell, trust me!) The photos will be of property owners only. This contest will also run March 28, 2008. You may enter up until March 24, 2008.

The above pictures are examples only.

The winners and photos will be announced in the April edition of the Smoke Signals.

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