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February 10th - 16th

Blanket of snow at Arrowhead photo by Cheri Ratliff

Web site correction on the Inn water break. Donnie Squirrell and Jerry Bradley of the Arrowhead Ranch Water Company along with Will Hobson, located and worked on the water leak for 3 hours late that night. Their timely efforts lessened the amount of damage the Inn would have received. The fire dept. was not called out.

Update on the Inn: The crews are beginning work on the Inn’s floors after a water leak did damage in January. Heath thinks they will now finish sometime in April. So they will not be able to have the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Instead they are planning a grand re-opening on the May Memorial day weekend. If you have questions call the Inn. 862-8206

The March book club, potluck luncheon, will meet at the Fire House on the 13th rather than the 12th because of a schedule conflict.

The Arrowhead blood drive will be re- scheduled for this summer due to current weather conditions.

Looking down Alpine Road photo by Cheri Ratliff

The Fire Dept. held a rescue training exercise on Feb. 12. The scenario was a couple of snowmobilers stranded over night up the alpine. The exercise helped the volunteers to plan the steps to be taken for a rescue.

A name sign with stacked rocks behind it, barely shows this winter

The Shutterbugs Photo group met at the Fire House Feb. 15. Rich led the discussion on the use of a histogram. Pointing out how it helps you see where the light is in your picture and what you can do to adjust it. The Shutterbugs will be doing a calendar for 2009 and will start taking pictures to be used in the calendar. This will be pictures of Arrowhead and a fund raiser for the photo club.

Mountain Living & Photo Update Archive

Please contact Cheri Ratliff if you have current information or photos that would look good on the web site!. Sample: bear sightings, road conditions, community happenings, Happy Birthdays, Arrowhead owners having fun, etc.