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This Week's Mountain Living
March 20th

Photos by Joanna Misare

Largest Icicle on the Mountain - at the McGoldrick's House - our son Jason Misare is standing next to it so you can see just how large it is with Bruce's dog Katie and Bill in the background.

Pictured Peggy Beach, John Cook, Kevin Stilley, and Rich Ostrom Photo by Cheri Ratliff

The Fire Dept. Games and Chili Cook-off held March 1st.

The purpose of the games is to get the volunteer firemen familiar with all positions of the red brush truck. This truck is the main vehicle for fighting fires. The three teams are timed to improve their response times. The team of Bob Rosenbaum, Gary Kelly and Mike Barlett won first place. The Chili Cook-Off organized by Billie Ellis, Joyce Boulter and others was enjoyed by all. The chili judges chose Becky Stilley as 1st place, Lucia LeBon 2nd place and Kathy Koeltzow as 3rd place. Fire Chief Kevin Stilley would like to see this as an annual event for the AVFD.

High-Mountain Bonfire
A high mountain bon-fire will be held on March 21st. Arrowhead snowmobilers are invited to bring hotdogs and a beverage to Willow Park. Meet in the parking lot at 5:30 p.m.

"Smoke Signals" Correction
*The February Smoke Signals article titled “Basics of Cross Country Skiing” addressed how to measure for skis. The formula is wrong, here is a more accurate way to measure for you’re skis. The longer a ski is, the more efficiently it will glide forward, but the harder it will be to turn and maneuver. For general touring, efficient forward glide is more important than maneuverability, so you need long skis. To get an estimate of the length you need, hold your arm overhead and measure from the ground to your wrist. If you occasionally want to explore beyond groomed cross-country ski areas and hard-packed trails (but still on easy to moderate terrain), look for slightly shorter skis. Going down 5cm or so will give you more control and maneuverability in variable snow conditions.

Eric Johnson and friends enjoying the outdoors.

Photos sent in by Eric Johnson.

Mountain Living & Photo Update Archive

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