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This Week's Mountain Living
March 31st

Filing Road Status
Notice: Several people have called about when the roads will be opened. We still have firm, deep snow on the filing roads. This has been a long winter with near record snow fall. Please be patient. Conditions have to be right before the roads can be opened. We will post road updates on this website and let you know often how things are progressing. Keep checking back for these updates.

Willow Park Get-Together

March 21st Friday evening about 30 riders had a get together at Willow Park for a Weenie Roast - after great food and drink and lots of visiting some went on a moon light ride back to Arrowhead.

These pictures are when riders had just gotten to Willow Park - as you can see the fire was just started and as the evening went on the fire had melted the snow and was about 5 feet deep.

We all had a great time....

Photos by Joanna Misare’s

Do NOT Feed the Wildlife

This picture was taken recently. A property owner tried to scare him off so he could let his dog outside. When he threw a snowball, the fox ran over to it to see what kind of food it was and then ran back to him looking for more. This fox is being fed by someone. He could walk up to within 10 feet from him before he would back off. This fox could be killed this summer by someone or their dog because he has no fear of humans.

Please do not feed wildlife.

March Snow…Ghoulish Fun? Photo by Cheri Ratliff

Bears are Coming out of Hibernation

It is spring time in the Rockies. Small bear prints, probably a yearling. They measure approx.7 inches by 5 inches. Up our drive, around back and out west side into trees.

The news in Grand Junction said they were out in Pitkin and Lake City, now also Arrowhead!

Photos by John Summers

Mountain Living & Photo Update Archive

Please contact Cheri Ratliff if you have current information or photos that would look good on the web site!. Sample: bear sightings, road conditions, community happenings, Happy Birthdays, Arrowhead owners having fun, etc.