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This Week's Mountain Living
May 18th

Every year people wonder why it takes so long for Will to remove snow down on Crest Dr. The pictures show the snow is real deep - 10ft or more in some places - if you look at the front loader and then the sides you can see how deep it is - it usually takes Will a day and a half to totally clear all of Crest Dr. from Rim to the end and back. Thank you Will !!

Will Hobson working on Crest Drive at Reitz's corner and at George Hill driveway.

Photos by Joann Misares

Loader with new blade pushing snow. Photo by Will Hobson

Oscar Ratliff working the new blade.

The angling blade is plowing where the snowmobile trail was.

Bill and friends next to plowed snow on Crest.

The Inn Update

We would like to let local folks know what’s happening and what changes are coming: The insurance company is making things very difficult now in regard to the walk-in cooler. Basically, the cost of the job has gone so high the company has slowed everything down, basically extending the approval processes for the rest of the cash to pay for stuff, not only for us and our bills, but Faith Construction, the plumbers, the cooler, you get the idea. They have to approve and send the money at some point--it's just when, and they're taking their time.

This means the walk-in cooler won't be ordered and installed for, I'm guessing, up to two months, and I think I'm being conservative in my estimate. This is going to affect the kitchen and food service in a huge way. I can't even have my Glycol draught beer system installed until the cooler is in. We will install a temporary system for now. What all this means is the kitchen will be closed to the public indefinitely. But, don't panic. All this means is that we won't be serving food to the general public on Friday's and Saturday's anymore. Inn guests will still get breakfast, lunch and dinner, like usual, but no more food for folks who aren't staying at the Inn, other than the events that we always hold here for locals, Homeowners Thursday nights, Ladies Book Club, all that--those events, and any new ones locals can think of, will continue. But no more food service for the general public. It's all an effort to save money, and with rising food/gas costs, well, you get the idea. It will help us save some, and what with things being the way they are with the cooler in regard to extremely limited space now for food storage, it's a sensible choice we've had to make, but one we’ve had to make, regardless.

It’s not personal, the decisions we’ve made have always been about survival and nothing else. It’s never, ever been personal.

Things are highly unusual at the Inn right now and we’re doing the best we can to make things work, as well as survive. And like I said, all the other regularly scheduled events like Homeowners dinner on Thursdays and the Ladies Book Club Luncheon, all the other breakfasts, and any new events locals think up, will still be going on. The pub will always be open. Submitted by Heath from the Inn

Mountain Living & Photo Update Archive

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