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This Week's Mountain Living
June 24th, 2008

Hazel Lake in June photo by Cheri Ratliff

AVFD Picnic
BIG plans are being made for the upcoming AVFD Picnic to be held on July 5th. People are busy working on committees to set up the best celebration yet! Volunteers all over Arrowhead are participating in this years event. There will be all the old favorites as well as new booths including Arts and Crafts, Shutterbugs Photo Club, and The Book Club. If you would like to help with this event, contact your friends and neighbors at Arrowhead or Kevin Stilley. Don’t forget to stop by the Flea Market for special Mountain goodies!

Pictured above are Sheriff Rick Besecker, John Summers, Reinie Masanetz, Leonard Wasilewski and Eric Johnson.

Security Summit

Security invited under Sheriff Rick Besecker from Gunnison County to join in a discussion on enforcement options at Arrowhead. The meeting was held June 24, 2008. With the growing number of people owning property and visiting our community, security Chief Reinie Masanetz, thought it would be a good idea to touch base with county law enforcement.

The security group had several questions and an open discussion of enforcement procedures/options and a review of Arrowhead policies also were addressed.

Security appreciates Sheriff Besecker for taking the time to join them.

Wildflower Walk

The Wildflower Walk update will be held July 17th. Meet at the Inn 9:00 a.m. bring a lunch and lets car pool. Remember to bring your cameras; we will be going up country. Our host, Linda Dysart is very knowledgeable about native wildflowers in our area. Thank you Linda!

The Big Dumpster

Be looking for the big dumpster up here around the 1st of July. This is the dumpster you may use for all your big items that aren’t allowed in the garbage dumpster. So if you are cleaning up around your cabin make use of this opportunity.


Mountain Living & Photo Update Archive

Please contact Cheri Ratliff if you have current information or photos that would look good on the web site!. Sample: bear sightings, road conditions, community happenings, Happy Birthdays, Arrowhead owners having fun, etc.